14 Hours in Istanbul


When I was originally planning our trip to Greece, I wanted to schedule our flights to be as comfortable as possible. When flying in Coach, flights over 6 or 7 hours get to be pretty rough, so sometimes it’s nice to pick a shorter overnight flight to break things up a bit. When flying in Business or First Class, however, I take the opposite approach. For flights to Europe, I generally look for the longest overnight flight I possibly can find. Why? When you have a flat bed to sleep on, a 6 or 7 hour flight is really too short to get decent sleep, with meal service on both ends of the flight. About 2 years ago, we flew to Ireland in Aer Lingus Business Class (using only 50,000 British Airways Avios Points roundtrip), which was a fantastic deal, but given that the flight to Ireland is barely 5 and a half hours, factoring in eating dinner and breakfast, you’re lucky to get 3 hours of sleep, which isn’t much different than being in Coach. Continue reading 14 Hours in Istanbul

Flights to Greece from Chicago – $674 roundtrip

Several airlines, including Turkish Airlines and United Airlines, are offering a sale on flights to Greece from Chicago….roundtrip flights are as low as $674.  While this doesn’t fall during the peak summer travel period, Greece can get pretty crowded then, so visiting during the off-season can avoid the crowds (and also has the advantage of lower hotel rates). Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece, and offers easy access to just about anywhere else…it’s a quick 45 minute flight to Athens, Santorini, or other beautiful islands.  I’ve found that Athens is a good city to visit for about 2-3 Continue reading Flights to Greece from Chicago – $674 roundtrip