How Credit Cards Affect Your Credit Score

I periodically post about valuable bonuses (often 50,000-100,000 miles) being offered when signing up for a credit card.  A very common misconception of credit cards is that they ruin your credit.  While that can be true if you don’t use credit wisely, they can actually improve your credit – and at the same time, be extremely profitable.  So if you’re curious how credit cards affect your credit score, here’s my perspective. First Things First To begin, I am not a financial adviser, so I can’t guarantee any of the information below.  I’m simply providing information about what I’ve learned through Continue reading How Credit Cards Affect Your Credit Score

Airlines offering Double Mile Promotions

Late in the year, usually in the fall, it’s common for airlines to offer special promotions – and they do this for a number of reason: Peak summer travel has ended, so their planes are usually not as full and they’re trying to entice passengers to book. Frequent travelers who earn elite status with the airlines are likely aiming to re-qualify for elite status again for the following year.  Often times, they’re just a few flights short of reaching the threshold for elite status, so these double mileage promotions are very attractive offers. United, Southwest and Alaska Airlines have all Continue reading Airlines offering Double Mile Promotions