Delta 20 Minute Baggage Guarantee is Now Permanent

A few weeks ago, I posted about a then-temporary promotion that Delta was offering, where they guaranteed that your checked baggage would arrive within 20 minutes of your arrival, or they would offer you 2,500 miles as compensation if it took longer.  Initially, this promotion was only valid through March 31, but they’ve now made the baggage guarantee a permanent (well, until further notice) offering. Now, anytime you check a bag, you’re guaranteed to have it back in your hands within 20 minutes of your flight arriving at the gate.  If your bag takes longer than 20 minutes to arrive, Continue reading Delta 20 Minute Baggage Guarantee is Now Permanent

Heads Up! Delta Sending Borderline Deceptive Marketing Mail

Yesterday, I received a rather official looking envelope in the mail from Delta telling me that I should redeem my unused miles by May 22: So without explicitly stating it, they’re suggesting to me that I need to redeem my unused miles before May 22…..or else, what?  Will my miles expire?  This is what they’re hoping you’ll think, and it’s what the average person would think. Inside the envelope, they offer me a variety of magazines subscriptions that I can redeem my miles for, with detailed instructions, again repeating this “Respond By” date of May 22: In reality, May 22 Continue reading Heads Up! Delta Sending Borderline Deceptive Marketing Mail

Free Hilton Points and Delta Miles

UPDATE: I received information from Hilton that the promotion below about receiving bonus points for updating your account password is not active yet. They have run into a technical glitch in implementing this promotion, so hang tight on changing your passwords for now. I will remove this update and publish a new post once they let me know that the issue has been corrected on their end so that your bonus points will be credited to your account correctly.

There are 2 interesting promotions going on right now:

1) 1000 Free Hilton Points for updating your online account password
2) 2500 Free Delta Miles if it takes longer than 20 minutes for your checked bag to arrive

Up until now, Hilton accounts have utilized a PIN for logging in. On March 25, 2015 they’ll be changing over to a password system for logging in, since numeric PINs aren’t nearly as secure as alphanumeric passwords. To encourage members to update their accounts and improve security, if you set or update your account password between now and March 8, 2015, you’ll get a completely free 1000 point bonus. Continue reading Free Hilton Points and Delta Miles

Flights to Ireland: $323 roundtrip


Act fast on this one!  Several airlines have dropped fares for flights to Ireland (specifically to Dublin) for as low as $323 roundtrip from cities like Chicago, Washington, DC, Cincinnati, and San Francisco.  Most of the low fares I’m seeing right now are on Delta and Air France, but other airlines like United and American are dropping some of their fares to match. There are dates available into late spring/early Summer, such as this trip from Washington, DC from May 8-15: The “base fare” before taxes on these flights to Ireland is only $0.50 to $0.55 each way…that’s right, fifty Continue reading Flights to Ireland: $323 roundtrip

Flights to Bali, Indonesia – $537 roundtrip

Things have been a bit busy lately, so I haven’t had a chance to post recently, but here’s an awesome deal to get back into the swing!  Flights to Bali from Philadelphia are as low as $537 roundtrip – and that includes all taxes and fees!  Even if you have to factor in an extra flight to get to Philadelphia from your location, you can likely keep your total under $675 or so. Bali is an incredible destination – lots of beautiful beaches, but lots of culture and places to explore as well.  The Mrs. Guru and I spent a Continue reading Flights to Bali, Indonesia – $537 roundtrip

Flights to Seattle from Charlotte: $232 roundtrip

This fare tends to pop up from time to time, but hasn’t been around for a while.  It usually only lasts for a day or two, so you’ll want to act fast.  Delta has dropped the price of roundtrip flights to Seattle from Charlotte (or vice versa) to $232!  It’s pretty rare these days to find cross-country flights for under $250, so don’t count on this dropping any lower. The fares are available on a pretty widespread set of dates, from now through July, 2015.  The downside to this fare is that it’s only being offered on the least-desirable days Continue reading Flights to Seattle from Charlotte: $232 roundtrip

Flights to San Francisco from Charlotte – $244 roundtrip

Act quickly on this one!  Delta has launched a “hub attack” on US Airways, with very low fares on flights to San Francisco and Los Angeles from Charlotte, NC (since Charlotte is one of US Airways’ big hubs).  These hub attacks usually only last for a few hours, and rarely more than a day or two. This is a great opportunity to get out to the west coast – the Mrs. Guru and I have taken several trips out to San Francisco and we really love the city.  The weather is tough to beat (but bring a jacket year-round…you never Continue reading Flights to San Francisco from Charlotte – $244 roundtrip

Huge Sale – Flights to Spain for $715 in August!

As I’ve written about in the past, fares to Europe are almost always the most expensive over the summer.  Everyone wants to travel over the summer when the kids are out of school, so naturally prices are the highest.  Occasionally, however, deals do pop up for the summer, and I’m now seeing prices in the $700s for flights to Madrid, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, and a handful of other cities in Spain in August.  Compared to most summer fares ($1100-$1200+), this can be a savings of $500+ per person! It may be a little last minute for some, but this Continue reading Huge Sale – Flights to Spain for $715 in August!

Flights to Australia from Raleigh and Charlotte – $1077 Roundtrip

Hope everyone here in the US had a Happy 4th of July yesterday! Delta has launched a great sale on flights to Australia from several cities, including Raleigh and Charlotte for as low as $1077 roundtrip.  This is the lowest fare I’ve seen to Australia from the east coast in a long time!  Plus, these fares are valid through much of the fall and winter here, which is summertime in Australia (since Australia is in the southern hemisphere, their seasons are opposite to ours here in the northern hemisphere). The lowest fares can be found between now and December 8, Continue reading Flights to Australia from Raleigh and Charlotte – $1077 Roundtrip

How to find flight deals to Paris (or anywhere, really)

A reader recently emailed me a question asking about taking a trip to Paris.  He writes: I was thinking about a trip to Paris, but I’m still trying to figure how feasible that might be. I assume that if anyone would know of a good way to make it happen, it’d be the Guru. Any deals/recommendations for flights/hotels in late July or August for Paris? Every year, I do get several requests for advice on trips to Europe over the summer.  As many of you probably already know, the peak time for travel to Europe is over the summer.  So Continue reading How to find flight deals to Paris (or anywhere, really)